Madonna is DEAD!!!

Oh wait…I meant her new album is dead. 

Madonna’s “MDNA” was released only a week ago, and yet last night Amazon dropped the price to just $5. For the entire album. And they didn’t do it to be nice. They had to, because as you may have heard, no one is buying this piece of shit.

Forbes says:

Madonna’s “MDNA” album is dead. It’s really quite amazing. has dropped the price of downloading “MDNA” to five dollars. On iTunes, the only version of the album on the chart is the explicit one, selling for $14.99. It’s at number 49 on their chart.

The situation is much worse. As a physical CD, “MDNA” is just gone. The actual deluxe CD has fallen to number 16. It’s the only one of the many versions of “MDNA” that’s selling at all. This is the second week of release. “MDNA” is just…gone. It’s a total sales collapse.

This really is delightful because Madonna is a complete bitch whose only talent is to leach off the actual talent of others. The only way I’d spend $5 dollars on Madonna would be if I were buying a roll of quarters before I punched her.

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