Leighton Meester Thong Bikini Pics

“Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester showed off her pale, flabby, bulbous ass in a thong bikini at the beach yesterday.

The most interesting thing about Leighton Meester is that she’s broke. She comes from a broken home, the child of a drug smuggler, born in a halfway house, probably the product of a mom on trial trying to get a lighter sentence because she was pregnant. She has learned the criminal ways of proper whoring, starring in fetish videos, fucking the right person, and landing a mainstream gig on a mainstream show that has made her pretty much set for life—a life that only involves sucking toes and other kinds of foot fetishes if she wants it to…and not because she has to.

If anything, her story, although probably fake, is inspiring. She was probably one blowjob away from being a street whore or escort. Look at her now: a fat ass in a bikini…good enough for me.

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