Grandmas Gone Wild Video!!!

With the invention of Viagra, the STD rate for old people has gone up by over seventy-percent, because now old people can fuck. More importantly, their wives or husbands have died and they’re now ready for a good fucking time. You know, slut out for all those miserable years of monogamy.

The hitch is they’re doing it raw dog, because condoms are for pussies and not needed because bitch is a senior and no longer fertile. Besides, with those loose vagina, fucking a bitch up condom-less is only way a dude can feel anything before cumming on her old lady’s face and filling up her wrinkles like a collagen treatment.

I’m sure this isn’t anything new. It’s definitely nothing hot…or anything I’d want to ever imagine being a part of—just too much loose fitting skin, dryness, ailments, death, smells….but I would like to witness it.

All thanks to Florida’s “Safe Sex for Seniors” campaign, I bet most people are fascinated with what all those years of experience can do in the bedroom. Next time let’s hope they don’t run an ad, but make a porno instead.

It’s always nice to be reminded your granny is a gutter slut when you think all the bitch does is bake cookies and make like a clown for charity.

I approve of this message:

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