Francine Dee is Hot and Naked and Deeply in Need of a Hard Cock

If I die, I want all of you to come to my funeral. I want you to write lovely messages about how you miss me on my Facebook page. I want a benefit concert. I want someone to declare that I was a genius and publish all my works.

I’m not saying I’m gonna die today…even though I feel like it. I am just saying that eventually I will die—the booze, the seedy women, the drugs…it will all catch up with me someday, and I’m just asking you as a friend…I don’t know…to be part of it.

Anyhoo, to get you in the mood, here are a few pics of my future ex-wife Francine Dee and her gigantic tits, her succulent ass, and her fucked-up vagina that resembles a thick pastrami sandwich packed with extra mayo and a sprinkling of horseradish. Enjoy because I’m not dead yet motherfuckers…

I approve of this message:
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