Cristine Reyes is The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

I have this move that gets me off when I am in need of female attention because my girlfriend isn’t cutting it and because my social skills don’t allow me to seduce the kind of girls I want…forcing me to go out and grab it…without actually going out and grabbing it because that shit always ends in rape and rape always ends in murder…and murder always ends up in jail…and jail always ends in rape…and sometimes murder. It’s the vicious circle of rape.

So instead, I go into a public place. I find my target, usually a hot 18-year-old. Then I identify where here head is, move in, and look her in the eye passionately while hypnotizing her with my loving gaze. Afterwards I place my penis, usually clothed, on her hand and smile. Sometimes they scream, sometimes they squeeze. That’s what usually happens…until today, when the cunt (who clearly watches too many movies and spends too much time on the Internet desensitized) decided to be a comedian and say, “Where is it? I feel nothing. Are you a woman?”

And if that wasn’t worse enough, she called over her friends and strangers and was like, “this guy tried to put his dick in my hand but he has no dick” all while holding my dick.

I love my life…

Anyhoo, here are more pics of Cristine Reyes as the sexiest hitchhiker ever. Enjoy, sluts!

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