Cristine Reyes in a Bikini is Turning Me into a Rapist

If I keep leaving my house, I may become a rapist.

I’m not saying that to scare off the one normal girl who accidentally ended up on this site. And I’m not saying that to turn on the four freaky girls with foot fetishes who read the site while their daddy is out with his friends bowling. I’m saying it because earlier today I was at the grocery store staring at some hot young wife in leggings, and all I wanted to do was rip off her pants and fuck her with a banana or anything that would fit, really.

Then when I got outside the store, I found myself walking behind some 65-year-old who was wearing leggings and her old lady ass looked fucking hot and I mean it. I kept thinking that despite her obvious fitness classes, she must be too weak to run from me.

Then at Starbucks, a group of 18-year-old college kids kept bending over. It’s fucked, people! This shit is gonna be the end of me. That’s why I need to drink more.

Anyhoo, here are a few pics of Pinay celeb Cristine Reyes and her tight, sexy body in a bikini. Enjoy, pervs!

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