Beijing’s Chinese Acrobats to Perform at the Big Dome

It’s less than 100 days to the London Olympics and the world’s best athletes will soon be competing with each other to become the fastest, strongest and highest. But even before the actual competitions begin, everyone will be glued to their seats to see how London’s organizers plan to upstage the spectacular Beijing Olympic Opening number staged four years ago.

More than 160,000 watched the Beijing Olympics Opening live at the “Bird’s Nest” Stadium and an estimated one billion more watched on TV as 10,000 Chinese performers took part in the ceremony just before the athletes paraded around the national stadium.

This May, Manila will see a glimpse of the pageantry and skill that was seen during the Beijing Olympics Opening when the Grand National China Acrobatic Circus performs at the Big Dome from May 8 to 13 in a brand new show entitled “Legends of the Dragon.” Several of the cast members of the Grand National China Acrobatic Circus also performed during the world-acclaimed Beijing Olympics Opening Number.

The Chinese are a meticulous and hard-working lot. This is primarily the reason why China’s medal haul of 51 golds, 21 silvers and 28 bronzes during the Beijing Summer Olympic Games put them on the top spot. 

This same drive for excellence is just as manifest in “Legends of the Dragon.” Beijing’s choreographed show took seven years to plan. Similarly, “Legends of the Dragon” is a show that has taken years to perfect. It fuses pageantry through colorful and intricate costumes, heart-stopping movements and feats of balancing, manipulation, body strength, comedy, theater and magic.

Chinese acrobats enjoy a special stature in the industry. They excel in this form of entertainment mainly because acrobatics have long been a part of their country’s notable heritage for more than two thousand years.

Back in the Han Dynasty, acrobatic art, otherwise known as “Hundred Plays” was brought to life by skilled acrobats looking to find ways to regale their fellow Chinese people. Over the years, the art has evolved into a more artistic combination of culture, carefully trained movements and ingenious acts that sums up to a distinct kind of jaw-dropping fantasy.

“Legends of the Dragon” will have acts showing Kung Fu mixed with smooth and swift tantalizing stunts several feet up in the air. Picture gymnastics spiced up with flying illusions on two suspended belts in a life threatening yet thrilling fashion. See colorful speeding bicycles resembling the wind. 

From mesmerizing jugglers to extreme somersaults, every unsuspecting spectator is bound to applaud in awe and disbelief. Catch The Grand National China Acrobatic Circus in a visually satiating treat called “Legends of the Dragon” at the Smart Araneta Coliseum from May 8 to 13, 2012. Don’t miss this rare spectacle. Call TicketNet at 911-5555 and get your tickets now! 

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