“Battleship” Star Brooklyn Decker Brings The Sexy Video and Pics


The other day I posted some pics of Brooklyn Decker in GQ Turkey. Well apparently, she also snuck her way into the American GQ, like a crafty little retard with Down’s Syndrome who doesn’t actually have Down’s Syndrome. Her face just kinda looks like she does, and I like to point it out, since I am overly analytical of pictures I see of bitches being marketed to us as being hot, giving other bitches insecurities about not looking like they have Down’s Syndrome, only to spend their nights building contraptions at home to make their head look more like a water head. And while yes, I am all for giving girls an inferiority complex about being fat or having shitty tits, but to want to look more retarded is just weird.

That said, as a wife to a professional athlete, she does a good job staying fit. And when she’s half naked and Photoshopped, she hardly looks like the institutionalized chronic masturbating people left there by their parents who didn’t want them fucking up their lives at the home I used to change diapers at.

I approve of this message:

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