“American Pie” Star Shannon Elizabeth!!!

Shannon Elizabeth is back…and no one gives a fuck because the world is full of hot young pussy that don’t need to rely on the revival of a claim to fame from 15 years ago to get in the magazines. If anyone still gives a fuck about her and her comeback in the form of recycling her only acting job 15 years later, that person is needs to learn how to move the fuck on.

Life is about progress. There’s no future in the past. Let these bitches and their breast implants we once appreciated fade away. Focus on the new pussy that’s coming on the scene. We aren’t married to these bitches. We don’t even know them. And we sure as hell don’t need to be monogamous with them just because we jerked off to them once.

This shoot is for South Africa FHM, a magazine most South Africans can’t afford or bother with because they are dying of AIDS, so I figure it’s my duty to bring it to the people. I’m like the Robin Hood…of titty pics.

I approve of this message:

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