Sex Video of Mocha and Jaycee Parker!!!

Today I fell in love with the video of Mocha and Jaycee Parker kissing. Because they’re both ridiculously hot, and because for someone like me who is borderline autistic, socially awkward, and most of the time drunk, falling in love with inanimate objects is far more fun than falling in love with real people.

Real people just disappoint and ninety-eight percent of the time, real people aren’t really cool or interesting. But falling in love with an object…that shit gets you noticed. Just like the time I had a 3-day-long relationship with a bucket full of cooked spaghetti noodles. Catching me consummating the relationship brought laughs to all. Or that time I had a year-long relationship with a breast implant my crackhead friend stole from the hospital where he stole his pills from.

Either way, this video of Mocha and Jaycee Parker making out needs to be a bigger deal. So let’s do our part by masturbating to their hot bodies and luscious tits.

SEX VIDEO of Mocha and Jaycee Parker brought to you by YouPorn.
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