Whitney Houston Death By Drowning???

The autopsy on Whitney Houston’s body will happen sometime today and we probably won’t know her official cause of death until those toxicology reports come back, but TMZ has put their tiny camera on the back of their trained fly and sent it into Whitney’s room at the Beverly Hilton to find out what happened yesterday afternoon.

Their source says that Whitney always took Xanax before a big performance to help numb her nerves a bit. Whitney was supposed to sing at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party last night and so she took a few Xanax. Then she decided to take a bath while her hairdresser, stylist and two bodyguards were in the next room.

Whitney’s team realized she was in the tub for a long time and so her stylist knocked on the door. There was no answer, so her stylist went into her bathroom and found her unconscious. Whitney’s face was completely underwater and it looked like she had slid under after falling asleep. The stylist called for one of Whitney’s bodyguards and he pulled her out of the tub, but it was too late. KEVIN COSTNER, YOU HAD ONE JOB TO DO AND YOU LET US ALL DOWN!

Radar says that none of the bad shit was found in Whitney’s room, but they did find Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax and some sleeping medication. Of course, none of this has been confirmed and it’s only information whispered into TMZ’s ears as a manila envelope filled with a stack of cash passed under the table.

As for Bobby Brown’s ass, he found out about Whitney’s death a few hours before a New Edition show in Mississippi. Bobby B went on anyway and after he got on stage, he said, “I love you, Whitney” as he pointed at the ceiling.

And the Grammys had a tribute to Whitney. Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan each sang something. My dream of Cousin Dionne taking the stage to curse us all out for this is not going to happen. Dionne Warwick is inconsolable and is with the entire Houston family today.
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