Viva Hot Babes Sexy Lesbian Dance

I am a pretty disturbed motherfucker and the more time I spend drinking and the more time I spend alone, the weirder the thoughts I get. Luckily, I am a non-violent crazy person.

I spent last night writing a radio show a short essay on my most memorable beer for a contest, that basically went on about how a basketball coach used beer to medicate me so he could molest me like he was Michael Jackson.

It wasn’t the most memorable beer until their stupid radio show made me find that repressed memory in search of my favorite beer memory, only to find my worst beer memory, and now I am forced to sue them…only to find out the contest ended yesterday.

I remain sucking at life.

Anyhoo, here are Viva Hot Babes Katya Santos, Myles Hernandez and Andrea Del Rosario putting on a lesbo show. Enjoy, sluts!

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