Top 5 Bizarre Sex Toys FTW

The Daze of My Life brings to you another installment of our ever-popular Top 5 Bizarre Sex Toys:

5. The Hello Kitty Vibrator
Hello Kitty is a Japanese cartoon character and emblem of all things cute. You can buy anything with Hello Kitty on it, including this officially branded masturbation device. This is the one I keep under my pillow and use on the chicks I take home when I want to get really kinky.

4.  The G Thrust
Can’t figure out WTF this is and what it’s for from the pics? This is the G Thrust, a board that you tie to a chick’s legs so that the dude can angle himself to hit the g-spot and thrust with force. Know what’s less retarded and cheaper? Bracing yourself against a wall or bed board. Trust me, she’s really not going to love it when you tie a board to her.

3. Hermaphrodite Combo Dick/Pussy/Ass
What is this? I don’t even…

2. Wallaby Dong
A wallaby’s kind of like a kangaroo but smaller…their dicks aren’t small as evidenced by this dong modeled after their junk. Just so you know I don’t think this is for masturbating and having bestiality fantasies, it’s made by a furry site so it’s for masturbating while you imagine a fuzzy wallaby/man hybrid fucking you…uhm, yeah.

1. Huge Horse Speculum
Don’t be fooled by the name. Though modeled after a veterinary device for examining the insides of a horse’s genitals and butt, this one is meant for humans and is sold as a sex toy. Get this one for the lucky lady in your life, fellas.
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