The 100 Greatest Nic Cage Quotes

Nic Cage is a fascinating study because his acting range goes all the way from “legitimately good” to “so unbelievably terrible, it’s kind of good.”

My personal theory is that he’s crazier than a shithouse rat full of cobra venom and the massive variance in acting ability stems from the varying talents of the directors that he’s worked with. He needs a guy like Werner Herzog (Bad Lieutenant) or Spike Jonze (Adaptation) or the Coen Brothers (Raising Arizona) to tell him when to release the pigs and when to settle down and stop screaming for no reason.

This is one of those videos that come along that’s so obvious you wonder why no one thought of it sooner. Those are the best kind...

The guy clearly has a lot of energy, and some directors (*cough* Michael Bay! *cough, cough*) don’t seem to feel it necessary to take him aside and say, “Hey, Nic. Uh, me and the producers were thinking, this line where you’re supposed to be bonding with your daughter, maaaaaybe you shouldn’t scream it at the top of your lungs? Just a thought.”

That’s by far the best part of the trailer, wondering why he’s screaming 80% of these lines. He has a real-life case of that disease from Austin Powers where you can’t seem to CONTROL the VOLUME OF YOUR voice.

Trivia: The famous “NOT THE BEES!” scene from “Wicker Man” isn’t in there because it’s actually an alternate ending and not in the movie...

See also: Five minutes of Nic Cage losing his shit a.k.a. “Cage Rage,” below:

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