Stephen Hawking is My New Hero

Every once and a while comes a story that is filled with so much wonderful that I have to rub my monitor to make sure my eyes are seeing it right and this is one of those once in a whiles.

Radar says that Stephen Hawking (I tried to read his Wikipedia page, but my simple brain switched to images of shiny-haired puppies playing in the snow right after I read “theoretical physicist”) regularly takes a break from doing whatever kind of genius stuff he does to bathe in thrusting chocha at a sex club in California.

A member of the Freedom Acres swingers club in Devore, California tells Radar that 70-year-old Stephen is a regular there and rolls up with an entourage of nurses and assistants. The fat-mouthed source went on to say “I have seen Steven Hawking at the club more than a handful of times. He arrives with an entourage of nurses and assistants. Last time I saw him he was in the back ‘play area’ laying on a bed fully clothed with two naked women gyrating all over him. I have spoken to him on several occasions and have even shared drinks with people in his group. And he’ll even take photos with people in the club as long as it’s in a neutral area.”

Stephen Hawking was already a beacon of inspiration, but now he’s a constellation of inspiration after reading this story. Because no matter what happens, we’ll never lose our need for peen or poon. Get your Big Bang on, Stephen!
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