Presenting The Subway Pole Dancer a.k.a. Sit Your Whore Ass Down!!!

In this episode of Tales From Public Transportation, we witness a delicate Canadian flower playing the sluttiest one-ho game of maypole I’ve ever seen. This graceful beauty’s fellow passengers on the Vancouver SkyTrain should be throwing dollars, coins or pants at her for giving them high quality entertainment, but instead one dude gifts her with words that I long to hear every time I bare my bottom nalgitas on the subway. The dude tells our heroine that she’s disgusting and that his child is sitting with him and she needs to sit her whore ass down. HA.

While I appreciate that this dude is teaching his innocent child the beautiful phrase “WHORE ASS,” I do not appreciate him teaching his child to hate the fine arts. This ho shit artiste is entertaining the train with a lazy ass show and he’s telling her to sit down?! His unappreciative ass needs to stand up and SIT DOWN.

I don’t know if the SkyTrain is anything like the MRT, but if it is, then this display is definitely rated G compared to the usual fuckery happening on the train. Did he think he was bringing his child to Disneyland? It’s public transportation! You’re going to see some ass cheeks (they’re just ass cheeks) and you’re going to see some shit you don’t want to see. Cover your innocent child’s eyes with a prayer cloth and shut up.
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