Paz De La Huerta’s Body is a Naked Wonderland

I am a fan of Paz de la Huerta—from her exposed asshole to all her nudity on “Boardwalk Empire” before getting fired—because she’s the girl who always looks drunk or high or both and badly in need of a shower. Paz looks like she’d be masturbating in the corner at some hipster party while her best friend ate her out and her gay friend put his dick in her mouth because they are so innovative, avant garde, and hip.

Yes, we’ve seen lots of nude Paz, lots of her hairy vagina, tons of her tits, even some nice clear shots of her starfish asshole, but I never get sick of her bits, especially since it means I don’t have to look at her burn victim face.

That’s why these pictures of her at photographer Terry Richardson’s after-party, flashing tit and ass for the fun of it, you know, just to be that wild naked wasted girl at the party, are so amazing—expected, obvious, but still amazing.

I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve spilled some Shallow Man juice thinking about making rabid animal bone-time with Paz. I always have the same fantasy: first I take off my belt and I wrap it around her arm and help her shoot up some heroin. Then I use the same needle and inject the remaining junk right into my junk. While we’re in a delirious opiate haze, I jack off onto her ass and Terry Richardson takes some pics of my spunk all over her posterior. Then I take those photos and I publish them on this site.
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