Mocha Uson Gets Naked For The Sake of Art

There comes a time in every trick’s life when they have to grow up and graduate from young mess to old mess. Like take me for instance. I’ve been trying to drink red wine instead of tequila, because a bunch of doctor types on TV say that drinking a bottle of red wine every night makes your heart healthy and shit. Yes, those doctors might’ve said to drink ONE GLASS of red wine, but I was too drunk on red wine to fully understand and I don’t want to under-nourish my heart of the red wine it needs. It’s better to be drunk than sorry.

Side note: Shouldn’t health insurance companies pay for your red wine? It’s heart juice! Somebody should tell Dr. Belo to get on this. She’s the Surgeon General, right? I know she’s at least the Surgeon Lieutenant. Besides, ordering red wine at a restaurant makes you look extra classy. Getting shit-faced on red wine, that right there is the sign of a TRUE adult.

Anyhoo, here’s the video of Mocha Uson posing naked for a bunch of old pervs artists. Enjoy, sluts!

Mocha Uson NUDE PAINTING (Oct 2010-UNCENSORED) by hartmaster2006
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