Male Sportscaster Caught On TV Putting Make-Up

This post is brought to you by John Ireland, a sportscaster for KCAL 9 in Los Angeles who’s always easy, breezy, beautiful.

If you’ve ever seen John Ireland on KCAL 9, then you’ve already lost your breath at the sight of his flawless, glistening face skin of dewy natural beauty. Well, the secret to John’s Cover Girl face was broadcast to the world the other day when a camera caught him putting on his beauty like your mom in the car as she drove your ass to school.

When John realized his ass got caught getting “FACE! FACE! BEAUTY! FACE! FACE!” ready, he pretty much shit his chonies and then realized that he left his Chanel No.5 in his other make-up bag so it’s going to be impossible to mask the smell of embarrassment.

Oh, John, even though we all know that you were not born with it and it IS Maybelline, we’ll still see you as the most beautiful beauty of KCAL 9.
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