Happy 1,000 Facebook Fans!!!

Hey guys, it’s Friday so before you’re too drunk and too busy embarrassing yourselves in front of friends to care, I just want to say THANK YOU as The Daze of My Life hit another milestone: 1,000 FACEBOOK FANS!

Thanks to all of you for your support and helping the site continue to grow. The Daze of My Life has only been around eleven months and yet we’ve already tracked OVER 370,000++ PAGEVIEWS to-date, which just blows my mind.

So celebrate with me and party hard, people! And whatever you do tonight, please do it safe. Don’t be like Paris Hilton and spread herpes. Don’t be like Lindsay Lohan and crash your car while you're drunk and high. If your crotch looks like Britney’s, please close your legs.

Peace out :)
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