Avi Siwa and Jennifer Lee in Hot Lesbian Scene

I am annoyed. Maybe because it’s the end of a 3-day hangover after a 15-year drinking binge…or maybe it’s because I decided to try to quit drinking to see if I die from alcohol withdrawal, since dying from alcoholism takes too long.

To be honest, I quit drinking only because I’m tired of blacking out, losing my shit, getting beat up, and fucking whores without condoms and not remembering how awesome a night it was.

I figure I can still be a cunt without the booze, and do all the same things clear-minded, but this could be an alcohol withdrawal hallucination going on. This new thought process could be fixed with one strong drink, and what it comes down to is that I blame the Oscars.

Here is a link to the video of Avi Siwa and Jennifer Lee enjoying hot lesbian sex. You’re welcome, pervs!

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