This Is An Ad For What?!

My buddy Clyde sent me the link for this online ad for a Russian bike rental company and suggested that it might be good for the site. One would believe that a commercial for a charming little business where you can rent a bicycle for the day to bike around and see the city is not really what The Daze of My Life is all about. But I decided to humor him and check it out.

I watched the first few seconds and there was some scantily clad babes being all babe-ish, “No big deal, not really Daze material as lots of ads use chicks in undies to sell shit,” I thought to myself.

Then I got about 30 seconds in and my internal dialogue went from “Boring” to “HOLY SHIT! THIS IS AWESOME…and suddenly I want to rent a bike and bike around Rostov.”

Best bike rentals in the globe. from Stason bros. on Vimeo.
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