The Secret Recipe For Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe” Video


Two heaping cups of Shakira’s She-Wolf video

The root from Grace Jones’ iconic pussy stretch pose

1 clove of Lady Gaga’s anime eyes, minced

Half a slice of RiRi’s Umbrella video, cut into cubes

An entire box of Crayola pastel chalk, melted

A handful of nose cartilage, coarsely crushed

An entire bag of generic brand silicone (preferably a bag that is past its expiration date)

Directions: Throw all ingredients into one of Li’l Kim’s old pink wigs, securely tie wig up with a garland of tarantula legs, throw it on the ground and pound with your ass until your jumping bowels are hitting your brain so much that you start to experience a slight epileptic seizure.

Serve on a garden hoe with Paris Hilton-sized IQ. If a garden hoe with a Hilton-sized IQ is not available, serve on a brain dead rake. If a brain dead rake is not available, just serve on a Kardashian.
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