Strike Against SOPA and PIPA!!!

SOPA makes me think of the stew my Tita Vicky would make on Sunday afternoon from all the leftovers of the week, but this SOPA tastes even more like shit. SOPA is short for the Stop Online Piracy Act and it’s a mess.

SOPA’s intention is to shut down foreign websites that post pirated movies and music, but the way it’s written puts all of the Internet in a fucked up place. The way it works now is, let’s say I post a music video from YouTube. Let’s say the copyright holder of that music video doesn’t want it on YouTube. They contact YouTube, YouTube takes it down and the video becomes dead on my site.

But if SOPA passes, the government will be able to force my server to shut me down no questions asked and with no kind of warning. YouTube too. Hell, even if I just link to that video or you link to it in the comments, The Daze of My Life could be strangled and thrown into a dumpster. Some say it’s the big corporations’ way of controlling the entire Internet and censoring a bitch.

Let me try to put it in a way all of our slut whore asses can understand. So you’re humping on a piece in the privacy of your own home and all of a sudden his crazy girlfriend SOPA busts in. She pulls him out of you before you can even finish, slaps a chastity belt on your fuck part, swallows the key and then leaves forever. The ho didn’t even let you finish and now you can never finish, because she’s locked you out of your own vagina/b-hole/whatever.

In other words, if that fun-hating, censor-slapping cunt SOPA passes, you’ll have to do actual work at work. When SOPA passes, a million kitten videos gets gassed. THINK OF THE KITTEN VIDEOS!

And I don’t even need to tell you about that bitch PIPA. We all know she’s bad news.

If you want to help, click here to educate your brain with more information. Then you can sign this petition and tell the government that you want to SAVE THE KITTEN VIDEOS!
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