Sex is Magic: Video Explains Why

We here at The Daze of My Life loves us some fuck-fuck. I got a feeling you do too or you wouldn’t be reading this site. We’ve been told there is more to life than sex and porn but we don’t really believe it.

Sex is more than just making your genitals feel good, it’s the only time you can do a bunch of crazy shit you could never do outside of the bedroom, like dirty talk or tying someone up, and a thousand other examples. Sex is magic because all bets are off and the normal rules don’t always apply—it’s freeing.

That’s the point of this comedy sketch, which illustrates what the hell I’m talking about. Check it out and give us your wicked (wink-wink) feedback in the comments to tell us if it entertained and/or titillated you and, most importantly, if you agree with the main point.

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