Rebecca Romijn So Naked and So Lesbian

Funny thing about girls is that the hot ones don’t know they’re hot. Conversely, the girls who think they’re hot are actually ugly, which makes getting laid by hot pussy pretty fucking easy. All you gotta do is talk to them. While getting laid by ugly pussy that thinks it’s hot is nearly impossible because they’re superficial and overcompensating for being ugly. That’s why I only fuck hot pussy and leave the ugly shit for the idiots.

With that said, I’m drunk.

Anyhoo, here’s Rebecca Romijn, the original “Mystique” from the X-Men movies, as a slutty, lesbian slut who’s naked a lot, in the film, “Femme Fatale.” They should’ve just called the movie “Rebecca Romijn Is A Slutty Lesbian Slut Who’s Naked A Lot.” I bet it would’ve sold a lot more tickets. Enjoy, pervs!

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