Presenting The Cover For Madonna’s New Album!!!

At this point, any pictures of Madona are no longer eligible for a Photoshop Award, because the skin on her face is Photoshopped in real life since its pores have been filled with wax and it gets its manufactured youthful glow from daily injections of rare fetus sperm. So even though nothing on this vowel-hating album cover was made from nature, IT DOESN’T COUNT!

Back in the day, I used to stay at this apartment in Makati Avenue. The bathroom had this 70’s glass shower door that looked like that cover above. It was beveled and shit. It was kind of a horror show, because I could barely make out what was on the other side. So if “Psycho” took place in that apartment and the killer had an Express Yourself-era Madonna face, this cover is what you’d see right before she opened the door and thrust her memaw crotch sending your soul scurrying down the drain.

Even though this cover looks like a flyer for an after-hours club that someone taped over one of the urinals in the bathroom of a gay bar, I don’t hate it. If it were a flyer, I’d even use it to floss the pubes out of my teefs.
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