Lindsay Lohan Nude Scene Pics!!!

Today is Stepfather’s Day, apparently. I wouldn’t know because no one got me shit or even wished me a good one. Maybe it’s because I’m not a stepfather. Or maybe it’s because no one gives a fuck about stepfathers. They just see us them as guys trying to replace their dad…who can legally fuck them when they turn 18 or younger depending where you’re from. Because there’s no law against fucking a bitch you’ve been a father to since she was 3 years old and mommy was lonely. But more importantly, if you raised her right, she’ll know just what gets you off.

Anyhoo, here are pics of Lindsay Lohan’s nude scenes from the kick-ass movie “Machete.” Why it never won an Oscar, I’ll never know. Probably because Hollywood is run by a bunch of cocksucking faggots.

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