Jessica Biel’s First Nude Role in “Powder Blue”

Jessica Biel posed naked for Gear magazine in 2000 when she was just 17, so it’s a little surprising she’s been so wrapped up ever since. But that all changed when she filmed a movie where she played a stripper.  A NAKED STRIPPER.  Rawr! 

Page Six said:

Jessica Biel plans to shed her threads in the upcoming movie “Powder Blue.” She’ll play a “stripper trying to earn money to raise her terminally ill son,” and audiences will get an eyeful. Biel “signed a contract that explicitly details the bare minimum fans will see—including shots of her breasts and butt.”

Man, what a sexy document.  It had to be awkward to see her lawyer proofread it with a boner, but whatever, because here are the naked pics of Jessica. You’re welcome, pervs.

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