Happy Two Hundred Thousand Pageviews!!!

It’s true! As of today, January 18, The Daze of My Life hit the 200,000 PAGEVIEW mark. It took a short 9 months for us to get the first 100,000 pageviews. Amazingly, it took LESS THAN A MONTH to get to this point.

It was back in March of 2011 that I started blogging and it’s still the greatest job in the world. Every day that I get paid to write nonsense about nekkid and nerdy things is a very good day indeed.

But I’m not posting this to congratulate myself; I’m posting it to thank you guys for reading, for helping promote the site, for calling me out when I’m wrong, for commenting, and for generally being funny and clever and awesome.

I’ve certainly had my share of goofs, and there are certainly a lot of other blogs out there nowadays—so I thank you for sticking with me and the site. Obviously, without you pervs, there is no The Daze of My Life. Please know that I always appreciate that. I hope I continue to make it worth your while.

Clearly, there’s only one video that could truly sum up my feelings right now:

In summary, I lasagna all of you guys! I lasagna you very much! Thanks for reading.


Joey a.k.a. The Shallow Man
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