Charlize Theron Shows Off Her Boobies!!!

The interesting thing about being a social outcast, removed from society and committed to a broken down computer screen, is the looks people give you when you’re at a bar alone, or drunk alone, or at a movie alone, or shopping for lingerie alone, or looking up skirts alone.

Just because they distract themselves with useless conversations amongst themselves and their friends and family about nothing, doesn’t make them better off. They’re just distracted from the hard-hitting truth that they are useless failures, by pretending to be interested in each other and each other’s useless stories, ideas and thoughts.

Sometimes the happiest place is coming to terms with your shitty life and you being your own best friend, No one else really matters so let’s stop pretending they care or you care, you fake piece of shit! Save the lies and whitewashing for the bitches you take home after drinking…as you cum on their faces…

Anyhoo, here’s a video and some more pictures of Charlize Theron naked from the movie where she fucks Rudolph and the rest of Santa’s elves, “Reindeer Games.” Enjoy, pervs!

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