Beavis and Butt-Head are The Stars of Your Nightmares Tonight

For absolutely no reason other than to prove that nightmares exist when you’re awake, special effects make-up artist Kevin Kirkpatrick brought Beavis and Butt-Head out of the cartoon world and into real life.

This terrifying shit looks like what comes in the mail when you order a real doll from Hell. Nope, you didn’t need to sleep tonight. Yes, that moist feeling down below is from you shitting out of your piss hole and pissing out of your shit hole.

Beavis looks like what would you get if a methed-out Glenn Close slowly morphed into Conan O’Brien in some kind of Gummo universe and Butt-Head looks like an inbred hillbilly bacchanalian who is about 3 minutes away from picking off whatever is left of your flesh from his braces.

Kevin says he made these two devil dolls from acrylic and silicone, but I have a feeling he used sores from actual meth heads, human skin, eyeballs from deers and discarded foreskin. If Kevin ever needs another set of eyeballs for one of his works of terror, he can use mine since I don’t think I need them anymore.
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