Kristine Jaca Vintage Naked Pics!!!

This is some slut named Kristine Jaca who I am guessing is from the Philippines or some other backward Third World country…but I guess all that is irrelevant, because Kristine Jaca may not even be Asian at all. I am just too lazy to Google her, and more into pointing out that she’s pretty decent looking. Because it’s New Year's Day and I’m drinking—why are you on a computer? Freak.

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Karen Anne Tuazon is Busty and That’s Good Enough For Me

Hey everybody, it is New Years Day and I’ve been drinking for the last five or more days…but today is more special than the last…because the whole world is celebrating… and what better way to ring in 2013 than to look at Karen Anne Tuazon’s centipede-like eyebrows and half-naked body.

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Ellen Adarna Big Bikini Blowout!!!

Happy New Year! This sparking wine tastes like piss and is giving me a headache and I am not sure I’ll make it the next day but I never really do…because I live in the Philippines and it is the one day I like to stay in…because all the assholes are out…cabs are impossible…and do we really need to be celebrating this kind of shit just because the media wants us to?

What we should be celebrating is Ellen Adarna’s amazing bikinis pics…because bitch is at her prime and one of the hottest and fittest in the game and I think if there is anything worth celebrating this 2012, it is her…and her amazing body.

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Celebrity Retro Nudity: Jessa Zaragoza Slutty for Tanduay

I don’t do year-end review shit. It’s all about the year to come. Save the past for socially awkward people past their prime and history professors who can’t get laid…and I guess for and brokenhearted losers who can’t let go. The future is really what we should focus on, because the future has the promise of endless possibilities. It’s up to you to take it…and if you don’t, you only have yourself to blame.

That said, here’s a look back at Pinay hottie Jessa Zaragoza, former singer, now MILF, still looking hot as fuck half-naked on the Tanduay calendar that still hangs in my room...despite the obsolete dates and dried-up cum stains.

Happy New Year, motherfuckers! May 2013 be better than all the rest…
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Stephanie Seymour’s New Year Nip Slip

Stephanie Seymour’s big fake tit, ex-supermodel, pushing 50, mom of 10, fucked by many rock stars body has been squeezed into a one-piece and I think she looks fucking lovely…because there comes a time in every fat chick’s or old ladies’ life where she says no to the two-piece, because the two-piece is meant for a specific kind of chick, one with a body that supports it, but that in our politically correct world, everyone is fat, every motherfucker started wearing a bikini, even if they didn’t belong in one, thanks to shit like the “Jersey Shore.”

Stephanie Seymour probably has very little feeling in her big stupid fake titty…or maybe she just doesn’t really know how to manage them because they look relatively new. I mean, how else could you explain her shit popping out of her bikini? I mean, it couldn’t be a cry for attention…to get the media talking about her like it was the 90s and she wasn’t 50. But this has to be accidental…you know just good timing on the paparazzi’s part. It is the only thing that makes sense in this world that makes no sense.

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