Video Proof: Beyonce is a Shitty Dancer

Beyonce is one of the least talented and most offensive performers in the world. Her “music” consists of her screaming nonsensical Ebonics over crappy electronic melodies, and as you can see in the video above, Beyonce utterly lacks grace and any sense of rhythm in her dancing.

Because Beyonce is a mongrel who happened to come out with white facial features and a black’s hips and ass, she is worshiped by the brain dead masses, who will surely defend her terrible dancing in the video above by claiming Beyonce is simply expressing the culture of the natives in “Atlanta.”

The Daze of My Life has no patience for this political correct bullshit. Beyonce is ugly as hell and completely lacking in talent. Anyone who says otherwise is not only a blasphemer against good taste but against God as well.

Until then, keep her warm, hold her legs still, and make sure she doesn’t swallow her tongue! The paramedics are on the way…
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