Top 10 Hottest Leaked Naked Celebrity Photos, Part 2

Anyone who has followed this site knows that we have painstakingly chronicled the whorish exploits of female celebrities for years now. However, every so often celebrities make our job extremely easy for us by having nude or topless pictures leaked to the web. To celebrate this damning evidence we have compiled a list of the top ten leaked naked celebrity photos of all time. Enjoy!

8. Rihanna

Sure big-headed Barbadian pop star Rihanna is known as a mouthy female who cannot take a punch, but she is also a kinky bisexual nympho, so she has that going for her.

In this photo from the classic set released by Chris Brown after their breakup, Rihanna is showing off her famous pierced nipple will fingering her infamously stinky vagina.

7. Jessica Alba

For years Jessica Alba was considered the hottest woman in Hollywood, but she refused to expose her naked body. Instead she inflicted her fans with horrible movie after horrible movie.

That is why it’s so satisfying to finally see some nipple from Jessica Alba. Of course only a photo of a large dildo firmly stuffed up her ass will ever make up for inflicting us with her movie “Honey.”

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