Top 10 Hottest Leaked Naked Celebrity Photos, Part 1

Anyone who has followed this site knows that we have painstakingly chronicled the whorish exploits of female celebrities for years now. However, every so often celebrities make our job extremely easy for us by having nude or topless pictures leaked to the web. To celebrate this damning evidence we have compiled a list of the top ten leaked naked celebrity photos of all time. Enjoy!

10.  Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams is the lead singer of the American rock group Paramore. She also is obviously a bit of a slut, taking a topless photo of herself and “mistakenly” releasing it on Twitter.

Because this picture is only of Haley’s breasts, she comes in at number 10. If she wants to “accidentally” take a picture fingering her snizz and post it on Facebook then we can talk about a higher ranking.

9. Cassie Ventura

Cassie Ventura is a singer, actress, and tremendous whore. She is signed to P Diddy’s “Bad Boy” record label and starred in the ethnic hit “Step Up 2: The Streets.”

Though Cassie had the decency to at least leak a picture of her vagina, the fact that her clit is pierced along with her nipples makes me feel herpally (it is a word) so she comes in at number 9.

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