The Photoshop Awards: The 2011 Kardashian Khristmas Kard

What’s that saying? You can Photoshop a skid mark, but it’s still a skid mark. The Kardashians proved that saying right for their annual sacrifice to the Adobe Gods.

This is the picture that’s on the cover of the pamphlet Lucifer hands you when you’re about to sign your soul over to him and he wants to make sure you’re making an educated decision that’s best for you.

These whores didn’t even pose together. They took their pictures separately, threw them all under the silhouette of three giant titty balls (or are those used condoms?) and used the Constipation Tool to make all of them look like wax mannequins with the hard shits.

They also pulled pounds of Sasquatch blubber from Khloe’s legs and piled it all on Kourtney’s ass. Not to mention that Pimp Mama Kris Jenner is the only one not wearing black and white. A wreck. But it was nice of those Kardashians to represent Kris Humphries’ personality with that wooden chair in the back.

And this mess also comes in 3D. When you put on the glasses, a double stream of Ray J’s piss comes splashing at you. Happy Pissmas from the Kuntrashians!
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