Presenting the Robert Downey Jr. of Seals!!!

File this under: We’ve all been there (especially you, RDJ).

Annette Swoffer of New Zealand found a whole lot of AWWWWW hanging around with her cats when she walked into her kitchen on Sunday night. The baby seal looked up at her before sliding over to the sofa to fall into dreamland.

The baby seal wandered from the waterfront, waddled through a residential area, crossed a busy road, went up Annette’s long driveway, slipped under a gate, went through a cat door and made it up a flight of stairs finally landing on the kitchen floor. Yeah, that the seal’s story, but you know he was tired from clubbing all day.

After that long journey to her sofa, Annette should’ve poured the baby seal a DRANK and tucked him into a Snuggie, but she called the SPCA instead. The seal was later picked up and returned to his home. Chris Clark of the Department of Conversation told the NZ Herald that he had been looking for the pup all day.

Everything is fine now. Annette’s sofa has been blessed by the AWWWWWs, the seal is back where he belongs and we now have these pictures. The only thing I have to add is: WHY DOESN’T THIS EVER HAPPEN TO ME?! The only thing I find on my sofa is a cockroach and you can’t cuddle with a cockroach when you’re lonely and your dog won’t talk to you. Trust me, I’ve tried and they’re not into it.

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