More Ashley Tisdale Bikini Butt Pics!!!

Former Disney star Ashley Tisdale’s ass is even hungrier than we originally thought! After posting a picture of Ashley Tisdale’s butt swallowing her bikini bottoms yesterday, we unearthed even more photos of Ashley’s anus feasting on her swimwear.

As you can see in the photos below, Ashley Tisdale’s filthy whore of an ass greedily devours her hot pink bikini, easily absorbing it into her anal cavity. This pictures leaves little doubt that Ashley Tisdale’s behind is hungry for insertion, and I fear it won’t be satisfied until it gets a virile Shallow Manhood stuffed deep inside of it.

Yes only a Shallow Man can stop Ashley Tisdale’s ass from sucking in everything in sight. Once again it falls on me to save the world from evil. God give me strength!

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