JWoWW is a Bikini Genius!!!

I’m a huge fan of the Jersey Shore’s JWoWW. She’s crass and her face is so busted, but her body seems to be getting better and better. Obviously her huge fake breasts have never been an issue, thanks doc, but the rest of her seems to have finally caught up.

Here she is modeling something called the Perfect Tan Bikini. Apparently, someone let JWoWW design her own line of swimwear, and, as literally everyone who has ever heard of JWoWW would have guessed, the result was animal prints on a bikini even sluttier than regular bikinis.

Surprisingly, JWoWW’s swimwear line uses a unique fabrication that lets women remove their bikini straps without the rest of the top falling off, thanks to a revolutionary silicon-based adhesive activated by body temperature. Genius!

But to be perfectly honest, I don’t really care what it is, as long as it involves massive fake breasts and a nicely Photoshopped face, that’s all that matters.

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