Twilight For Guys, The Sequel: Now With More LESBIAN Action!!!

Like me, you probably never thought there could be a way to make the Twilight movies watchable, but the geniuses over at SecretSauce reworked this “teen mope chastity vampire saga” crapfest to not only make it viewable, they made it into what could be the greatest thing ever filmed.


By adding hot lesbians and making all the plot-points about steamy lezbo sex.

No, this isn’t a porn parody, instead its a hilarious entry in their comedy shorts series, For Guys, where the Hollywood movies that would normally destroy the sanity and manhood of the average guy are transformed into epics that any dude can love.

Last week, to “celebrate” the release of the new Twilight flick we posted up “Twilight: For Guys” but now the sequel is out “Twilight, Breaking Dawn: For Guys,” and because we’re here to make your life better we have it for your viewing pleasure:

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