Sexual Roleplay FAIL

To be honest I’ve never really done much roleplaying in the sack, the only exception is the game of “pretend I’m not paying you for sex and act like you like me for the next hour, why won’t you let me kiss you, I thought I was paying for the girlfriend experience here.”

With that said, I understand the appeal of sexual roleplay. Boning can get a little routine and some costumes, scenario, and a little acting can spice shit up.

Here’s a hilarious comedy sketch about a couple’s sexy roleplay gone a little screwy. Let us know what you thought of the video in the comments and please let us know if bedroom roleplay is one of your loves or if it does nothing for you.

If you’re into it and you’re running out of ideas because you’ve already done naughty nurse and patient, cop and bad girl, prison guard and bad inmate, and every other classic roles, may I suggest the hot scenario of “perv blogger and Megan Fox.” Trust me, your partner will love it.

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