Science Fact: Looking at Naked Women Speeds Up Your Brain!

You don’t need to go to school or read books or any of that nonsense, you just need the Playboy Channel because a new study is showing that looking at naked women makes you smarter…well, it’s claiming it speeds up your brain….well, the study is saying that the brain speeds up when processing pictures of hot naked honeys and stays sped up.

Okay the statement “viewing nudies makes you into Einstein” is a bit of an exaggeration, but researchers in Finland found that the mind goes into overdrive when it encounters naked bodies. By showing test subjects pictures and studying their brains electrical activity, they discovered both men and women process images of naked people faster than photos of people with clothes on.

Here comes the crazy part: after being shown the dirty pictures, the subjects’ brains processed other images shown to them at a quicker rate. The scientists are theorizing that we evolved to act quickly when encountered with nakedness so that we don’t miss any chances to mate; the brain staying in overdrive is just an awesome side effect.

Porn: It makes your dick bigger, your pussy wet, and your brain faster.
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