Paz De La Huerta Returns With No Clothes On

Perpetually naked hot mess Paz De La Huerta is best known for playing perpetually naked hot mess Lucy Danziger on HBO’s gangster epic “Boardwalk Empire.” It’s the part she was born to play! It is, in fact, maybe the only part she can play.

She’s kind of my heroin...errr, I mean she’s my HEROINE, with her willingness and need to show off her bodacious body, and the fact that she seems to be perpetually tanked in public, and of course for that time she punched out  some chick from a reality TV show in a bar fight.

Her rad bod is appreciated by all, but her face is somewhat controversial. Some find her to be a unique one-of-a-kind beauty, while a certain famous, well-endowed, handsome, and talented blogger (a.k.a. ME) has claimed in his brilliant posts that “she looks like her face was scraped off and put back on by a blind plastic surgeon,” and “she looks like a drag queen who survived a face-full of battery acid” and “she has the body of a pornstar but with Mick Jagger’s face.”

She’s back in a sexy shoot for Flaunt magazine, nude for some pics and in lingerie for others. Although naked for the camera, she’s covering up the good bits, which is pretty puzzling since I’ve seen her junk so often I can draw her snatch wrinkles from memory. View the photos below and let us know in the comments if you’re a Paz fan or not.

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