My New Hero: Russian Man Grabs 1000 Pairs of Boobies

Here’s a 20 minute video of a Russian comedian grabbing the breasts of 1000 women on the street, and seemingly with each woman’s permission (though there’s still some amazing reaction shots). There’s a counter and everything and you get to see each and every of the 1000 tit grabs.

The “why” of the video (that is, besides touching the breasts of beautiful women in public is awesome) is what confuses me. Here’s the statement from the beginning of the video:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is always busy with important state affairs and, moreover, he is married. He does not have time for trifles. But he is a man, too. And he cannot afford to touch the potential voters. But Sam Nickel can! Sam Nickel has plenty of time. Sam decided to touch women voters first, and then shake hands with Putin with the same hand. See for yourself how it was.

I’m confused. Maybe it’s a language thing? Does this guy love Putin so much he wanted to transfer the power of 1000 pairs of tits over to him? Watch the video below and let me know what you think:

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