Like Looking at a Mirror Into The Future

Here’s a beat-looking and weathered down Kate Moss stumbling drunkface in London last night with her husband Count von Count and some friends.

Don’t let out one laugh, because this will probably be some of us in a few hours (and is probably some of you RIGHT NOW) after Jack Daniels rides its way down our throats a dozen times or so.

You know, it’s when the Sweet Nectar of the Gods lulls your head to sleep and your brain tries to pull down your eyelid shades, but you’re trying to fight it to keep the party alive. That’s your loved ones cue to plop you in a corner, shove a slobber bucket under your neck and then spend the rest of the night trying to throw complimentary peanuts into your wide open passed out mouth. It’s a Friday night tradition! But I have a feeling that to Kate Moss’ daughter, it’s a nightly tradition.

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