Paris Hilton a.k.a. “I Am Shit-Ra, Princess of Herpes!”

Putting the whore in Whore-O-Ween, Parasite Hilton showed up to some stupid party in L.A. last night dressed in costume as one of my childhood heroes, She-Ra. Seeing this useless piece of dried pussy vomit as the most beautiful and strongest goddess in Eternia should make me punch out my eye until it’s as wonky as hers, but it doesn’t.

That cheap-ass costume looks like it cost about $2.99, which is $2.98 more than that gutter-snatched dildo called Paris is worth, and so most hos probably didn’t even see She-Ra in this at all. Bitch looks more like a cocktail waitress working at a Caesars Palace knock-off casino on the outskirts of Reno where the drinks are cheap and so are the handjobs behind the broken slot machine in the back.

The fact that Paris thinks she can pull off She-Ra is as funny as the fact that her purse probably cost $2,000 and yet looks like it was a budget special at Pure Gold. Everything that cheap whore touches turns to cheap. Breaking news (sarcasm).
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