Happy Halloweenie!!!

Halloweenie is upon us and it’s that time of year when girls get to dress like used up $3 hookers without judgment and out in the open!
Well, I’ve got your costume for this year’s sinfest! Why not be Anna Rexia! Seriously, 3Wishes is offering a slutty anorexic nurse costume. What the hell?! Unfortunately, they don’t have a slutty cancer patient costume, because that’s what I wanted to go as. I guess I’ll just stick with my idea of going as a slutty Holocaust survivor. 

Don’t have money to buy a costume for your night of debauchery? All you have to do is shut a door on your face and then apply a shit load of make-up using your feet.

When people ask who you’re supposed to be, simply answer, “The beautiful rose of Graceland Priscilla Presley!” If they respond with “who?” just tell them you’re a post-stroke alien zombie.

Here’s the natural beauty known as Priscilla Presley trying to wink at a party for Veranda Magazine last night…

Quick Programming Note: This might be my last post of the day (I know, I’ll scream “LAZY WHORE!” at the mirror fifteen times today), because I’m going away for the weekend.

And NO, “going away for the weekend” is not code for “going to weekend jail because I broke the restraining order Megan Fox has against me,” but thanks for asking (okay, it totally is). 

Be back on Wednesday, bitches!
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