Birth Control Options, Reviews & Tips

The Pro’s & Cons of Birth Control Options

Most men and women use birth control options to help prevent unplanned pregnancy and STD’s. There are many different types of birth control options.  And there are a lot of facts about birth control you will have to consider before deciding which method you want to use.  For instance, you may select one birth control method for protection if you do not want a partner and want to have sex.
It helps to know and learn about the different alternatives.   That way it makes it easier to choose once you know the pro’s and cons of each different method.
Condoms are the most simple form of birth control. You can buy condoms anywhere and at anytime. Condoms will be about 80% effective when they are used correctly. You can see how to put on a condom correctly below by watching the video.  There are two types of condoms; male condoms and female condoms.  Experiment with different types to see which one is most comfortable for you!
Before choosing a birth control pill you will want to consult with your health care provider or doctor.  Birth control pills are very effective birth control options for preventing pregnancy, if taken in accordance with the prescription.  But, birth control pills also have weaknesses such as not being able to prevent sexually transmitted disease.  And possibly even worse are the many health risks associated with taking birth control pills.  Basically, the convenience comes at a price… your health.
The Contraceptive Patch
The contraceptive patch is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.  The contraceptive patch works slowly by releasing hormones that prevent the release ovum.  However, some women may have allergy due to the glue in the patch.  Fortunately, the patch is comfortable to apply.
Spermicides are effetctive up to 80% and they are available in drug stores.  Spermicides are suppositories or jellies.  They are used in the vagina and next to the cervix.  You will need to use Spermicides an hour before sexual intercourse.
The Vagina Ring
The vagina ring is 99% effective. The vagina ring prevents the woman’s body from releasing ovum. The vagina ring is clear and soft, worn in the vagina.
How to select birth control options?
The best way to choose birth control options is to take the advice of a health care advisor. They will recognize your body physiology and help you to select the best choice for you.  Just remember that some options carry more health risks to you then others, so be sure to take that into consideration
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