The Shallow Man Archives: Sid’s LE-GEN-DARY Bachelor Party (3.22.10)

My buddy Sid’s bachelor party last night was LE-GEN-DARY!

Groupies, hookers and assorted pretty young things were practically ovulating on the dance floor. I saw breasts falling out of dresses, people dry-humping on the dance floor (and on top of the billiard table!), girls having to be separated who were going after the same guy. Next time, I want to attend one of these things wearing one of those hidden video cameras like the ones they use on “Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo.” 

Put it this way: if you’re a reasonably good-looking guy, spend four grand on a decent wardrobe, load up on some Viagra, then tell every girl you meet that you’re pulling down a six-figure salary as a junior exec in a multinational firm. There’s a decent chance you could have sex 35 times in three hours.

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